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“Hehe, Dali, you finished so many of them so soon?” Tang Muxin ran in first. When she saw gems all over the ground, she didn’t know what to do. But the little lass was very smart—she ignored the attributes of the gems, the practicality of the gear, and chose the pretty ones first…


Wang Daoming sat on the ground with his legs crossed, palms resting on his legs and facing upwards. He was practicing the martial arts on the “Demon Fantasy Record”.


In fact, Galaxy Aristocrats’ guards like them were usually cocky and unapproachable. But they were different now. Where were they? Shenluo City! The city where the super genius was at! Such a super genius would definitely rise to the top in the future. They did not dare to offend him!


By this time, there were hundreds of people waiting outside the shop. All of them were here for the weapon that was displayed in the shop. There were a total of three attribute gems embedded in the weapon and the selling price was just one thousand!


“Incomparable, really incomparable! Let’s not talk so much. Now that this is over and there is still no news of this mystery man, let’s hurry back to our companies. Making money is more important.”


Being a super martial arts lover, Sabrina naturally heard of the news regarding this mysterious man. And now, she was on the communication website, crazily gathering any information she could find of this mysterious genius.

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Tianyi said with his trembling voice, Lord, I failed to recognize you earlier. I didnt know you were here His sweat fell like a waterfallflirting with a Galaxy Aristocrat in public could get his penis cut off!


“OK.” The Bureau Chief nodded and said, “I shall go over to Chuyin’s side and see how she’s doing.”


Yes, yes, yes. I understand our Qianxues feelings. Jiang Dongliu patted Jiang Qianxues shoulder. Lets see, is it like this? You have always liked powerful people with strong abilities since young, heroes like Grandpa, right?


The eight Fourth Order Planet-level starships that Yin Lieyang sent were battling with limitless Zergs!


Hong Dali beamed and fondly tapped on little Bai Hechous nose. Little one, have you been behaving well?


Li Nianwei smiled as she approached him. Once she sat down, she put her long, slender legs on the table. The heels of her shoes were almost in the Goblins nose. Little guy, I suggest you take this seriously. Otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences!


“Oh? Such a thing happened?” Hearing his words, Hellfire was instantly alarmed. He nodded and said, “Okay, this is indeed a piece of important news. I shall make my way there now.”



There were people all over the city. But outside the city, there was not much of a crowd. There was no problem looking for a place with nobody to teleport!



On the way to Star Harbor, Mister Gate asked Hong Dali, “Dali, what should I do when I get there? What kind of shop do you have? What does it sell?”


Okay. I got it. Tianyi suddenly smiled and kicked the door of Dalis Weapon Shop. Open for business, where is the salesperson? Isnt there anyone here?


Im rich and capricious. Theres nothing I can do about it. Hong Dali grinned. If we like it, we buy it. So simple.

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